Baby Delivery Tips - Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Published: 19th October 2010
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Everyday, women from all walks of life experience the best gift they could ever receive - the gift of motherhood. For nine months, they carry another human being inside of the while undergoing different changes, both physical and emotional.

While the long wait for the baby's arrival usually fuel up everyone else's excitement, too much waiting can be a bad thing, especially when mothers-to-be go past their due dates. Scenarios like these usually call for labor induction. Doctors will only allow inducing labor naturally if valid reasons are given. Most acceptable reasons are if the baby is already overdue, or if the mother or child have any underlying medical conditions that could put both of them in danger.

Choosing to induce labor naturally is the smarter and safer choice compared to medically induced labors. All medical inductions are invasive, and can pose serious threats such as fetal distress (baby) or uterine rupture (mother).

Here are some effective ways that could naturally help a pregnant women induce labor:

1) Intercourse
It may sound weird, but intercourse is proven to induce labor. Semen contains natural Prostaglandins. This helps ripen the cervix and eventually dilate it. While most women repel the idea of intercourse during the 9th month of pregnancy, nipple stimulation can do the job as well. When stimulating nipples, Oxytocin, which is a hormone responsible for starting labor, is released..

2)Maternity Acupressure
Maternity acupressure helps most women feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Labor induction through this method requires stimulation on any of two pressure points which help create contractions.

The pressure points are a) Webbing of the thumb and index finger, b) Four finger-widths above the inside of ankle bone.

Please note that you should only use this method if you are very close or past your due date. Caution should also be employed in applying acupressure or any labor induction method for that matter.

3)Take A Walk
Walking is a great way to induce labor naturally. This activity exposes the cervix to gravity which aids in its ripening, thus speeding and inducing labor naturally. Definitely, this method is the most natural and effortless method there is.

Surely, there are a lot more ways on how to induce labor the natural way. In choosing the right method, listening to your body is important in making any kind of decisions. Remember to always ask a physician's advice, and make sure that natural labor induction will only be done on the 40th week of gestation (or later).

Lastly, in waiting for the baby to arrive, patience will always be the key. You should also be aware that in any health situation responsible decisions should be made so that everyone in the long run will be happy and healthy.

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